The Green Lantern Movie Gets a New (Brightest) Day

It’s a good thing Sinestro put on that Yellow Power Ring for no reason! Despite the live-action Green Lantern‘s critical drubbing, mediocre opening weekend box office, and sizable 66% decline in box office this past weekend, Warner Bros. has apparently already green-lit (get it? GET IT?!) Green Lantern 2. It’s a lovely excuse to post It’s Just Some Random Guy’s video, above.

But I also wanted to say that as much as I thought Green Lantern was crap, a good sequel is definitely possible. GL‘s two main problems were: 1) too little superheroics and 2) Hal was incredibly unheroic and totally unlikable for the first 85% of the movie. Well, a sequel should fix that second problem by default, since it would ostensibly start with him not being a douchebag, and continuing to not be a douchebag (Quick note: A lot of you bitched at me that Iron Man started out a douchebag and was still likable, and even Spider-Man lets that robber go. Well, yes, but Iron Man and Spider-Man had their moral reawakening early, so they’re heroes for most of their films. Not so Green Lantern). And adding in more superheroics and action scenes is hardly an insurmountable problem. So, actually, I have hopes for Green Lantern 2. Not a ton, but I’m certain the sequel has a solid chance of being significantly better than GL1. Until, of course, WB hires Brett Ratner or something. (Via THR)