Today in Crisis on Infinite Reboots

? DC co-publisher Dan Didio is writing the O.M.A.C. series. Although I actually think Didio did a pretty good writing job with his Metal Men story in Wednesday Comics, I always think it’s weird when the head honcho decides to start being creative. Also, I have no idea of writing Metal Men in anyway indicates he could write O.M.A.C. My guess is that it probably does not.

? Rob Liefeld is drawing the Hawk and Dove series. At Jim Lee’s request. Yes, really. You can see his cover here; it’s worth noting that he’s much, much improved at drawing feet, although Hawk’s back does seem to be a bit… large. The reason I’m not running that cover is so I can run this one:


?? Welcome to the new Teen Titans, where HOLY SHIT WHAT IS SUPERBOY WEARING. A t-shirt with the sleeves ripped off, black jeans and a Superman logo tattoo? Holy hell that’s awful. Unless Superboy will now be played by Mac from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, in which case this is my new favorite comic of all time.