TR Contest: Best/Worst Nerdy Moments at School

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?Good news, everyone! This week’s TR contest is a return to form, meaning I’m back to giving away Topless Robot t-shirts! In slightly less good news, I have the sinking suspicion I’ve run this contest before. If I have, I will be declaring new winners, so everyone gets a second shot. Except the winners. If I’ve already done the contest. Which I might not have. Let’s just move.

This weeks’ contest: Tell me your best and/or worst nerdy moment at school. Any level of education is fine, from pre-school to grad school, as long as you’re a student. Teachers don’t count, because they’re in school all the time and they get too much of a free ride already (I KID, I KID). As you might have guessed, you can enter twice — once for best, once for worst. Since this is one of those story-time contests, I won’t set a word count limit, but please remember if they’re too too long there’s always the possibility of me just glossing over them involuntarily. When I have to read through 400+ comments, I always appreciate brevity. I’ll pick one winner for each, natch.

So that’s it, nothing too complicated. The contest ends at 12:01 am EST on Monday, Jiune 27th. I’d tell you a story about my school nerdiness, except I really want to be done for the weekend so my brain’s not letting me think of any. Have a good one, folks, and I’ll see you on Monday.