TR Contest Special: Your Greatest Nerd Fear, Sponsored by 604 Republic

604 republic contest.jpg

?Is it yet another special TR contest this week? Darn tootin’! To those desperate for a TR shirt, don’t worry — I have plenty, and the contests aren’t going anywhere. But if a nerd apparel company wants to give you guys free shirts, I’m not going to stop them. This week, it’s 604 Republic, who have had many a shirt featured in Geek Apparel of the Week, and they’re giving away tees to FIVE winners this weekend! Craziness!

Now the contest doesn’t really have anything to do with apparel, because 1) I couldn’t think of one that did and 2) we haven’t had a “personal”-type contest in a while. This contest was smartly suggested by Topless Roboteer The Two of Clubs: Tell me your greatest nerd fear. The nerdy thing that scares you the most. It can be a thing you fear happening, or just a nerdy thing you happen to fear — like E.T., who all good folk agree is fucking terrifying.

Incidentally, my greatest fear isn’t actually E.T., but this: The death of Eiichiro Oda. This is the dude who has been writing and drawing One Piece for 14 years and is only mid-way through his incredibly awesome story. Now, not only do I find his art phenomenal — very few people can draw both totally badass and hilarious so well — but he’s known what his story was and its ending since day one. I have seriously laid awake at night, unable to sleep, worried he’d get hit by a bus or something, and One Piece would either never get finished, or at least not get finished his way. Think of it like worrying if Dave Sim died before completing Cerebus, if Cerebus were the best comic ever and Dave Sim weren’t a misogynist lunatic.

Anyways, so that’s the contest — your greatest nerd fear. One entry per person, and keep ’em short; they really shouldn’t be any longer than my “entry” above. The contest ends at 12:01 am EST on Monday, June 13th. Thanks so much again to 604 Republic for sponsoring this weekend’s contest, especially with so many shirts; please give their wares a look-through when you have a chance. I’ll see you kids on Monday, and remember, don’t talk to strange Ewoks.