William Shatner’s Captain-Con

This is the trailer for The Captains, a remarkable documentary by William Shatner. What makes it remarkable? Well, in it, he interviews every single Star Trek captain — Patrick Stewart, Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew, Scott Bakula and even Chris Pine (incidentally, that’s were the Kirk-vs.-Kirk arm-wrestling pic came from) — and what’s more remarkable is that based on this trailer, Shatner’s at least as interested in interviewing these people about William Shatner as he is Star Trek. I’m 100% fine with that, frankly. The Captains will debut as part of Shatnerpalooza on some channel I’ve never heard of called Epix on July 21st. It will also show at SDCC, which sadly might be a more accessible way of watching it. Thanks to Andrew S. for the tip.