BREAKING: Miss USA Has Seen Star Wars

The mass media is freaking out over the fact that the newly crowned Miss USA is a nerd. An attractive girl? Who enjoys Star Wars? That’s unpossible! Someone grab my monocle, it flew across the room in surprise! Now, I don’t want to start up any of the traditional nerd girl debates, for two reasons: 1) Miss USA actually kind of denies being a nerd in this video, so I don’t think anybody can accuse her of pandering to nerds. She’s just a girl who happens to like Star Wars. 2) The real reason I’m posting it is because of how Access Hollywood absolutely loses their shit over the fact that Miss USA can answer incredibly basic questions about A New Hope. Holy shit! It’s like she’s seen the movie, and enjoyed it! She can remember the names of actors, characters, and even the movie’s title! Access Hollywood is always wretched, but they’re very indicative of the rest of mass media’s fascination with a beauty queen who is even the tiniest bit nerdy. Maybe one day we’ll live in a world where a beauty queen who enjoys Star Wars isn’t treated like a monkey who can dance, but clearly this is not that day.