Conan the Barbarian Can’t Stop

So here’s the new UK trailer for Conan the Barbarian. As you can see it is crammed with action and ladies and fighting and Ron Perlman dying (spoiler!) and more fighting and other awesome stuff. Not so awesome is the forced comedy shoehorned into the trailer, but whatchagonnado? Okay, so by and large this has everything that you look for in a summer actioner. So why am I feeling so meh about the whole thing? I know that I’m being a Debbie Downer here but there’s just something about this production that doesn’t seem to be clicking with me. Maybe it’s because I know that James Earl Jones won’t turn into a snake at any point during the flick. Perhaps my unreasonable ennui will be gone by the time the film’s August 19th release date arrives. In the meantime, what’s the level of excitement out there amongst you all about Conan’s theatrical return?