Frank Darabont Walks Away from the Walking Dead


?Just days after he appeared on The Walking Dead‘s SDCC panel, director and showrunner Frank Darabont has apparently stepped down from AMC’s hit show. The reasoning, people feel, is that as a movie director Darabont was unused to the grind of a TV series, and since AMC upped The Walking Dead‘s season 2 episode count to 13 from 6, that could surely have played a factor. Now, two things before you freak out: 1) Darabont may still continue with the show in some capacity, and 2) yes, Darabont directed the amazing pilot, but he was still in charge of the show during those less-amazing later episodes, so maybe this is a good thing. At any rate, comic creator Robert Kirkman is still working on the show, so it’s not like it lost its sole champion or anything. Let’s just see how season 2 shakes out after its October 18th premiere, and then we can lose our shit as needed. (Via Deadline)