Holy Terror, Batman! It’s Frank Miller’s Latest Graphic Novel

This motion comic trailer for Frank Miller’s upcoming Holy Terror graphic novel debuted at SDCC yesterday, and, well, it looks like every other Frank Miller project from the past 20 years or so. That’s certainly not a knock, but it doesn’t exactly stir my inner fanboy either. (Of course I’ve also spent much of the past week obsessing over Samm Schwartz’s 1960s Jughead comics work, so maybe I shouldn’t give my opinions on dystopian comics right now). As Robot 6 reminds us, Holy Terror was initially envisioned as a Batman book in which the Caped Crusader would have tangled with al-Qaeda. Neat! That concept eventually involved into the finished project as seen above. At the heart of the story is a new character named The Fixer, and while exact details are still being kept under wraps it’s probably safe to assume that he will embark on a typically Miller-esque mission of bloodshed and revenge that will be clouded by his complicated past. Publisher Legendary Comics will be “unlocking” more images/whatnot over the weekend through a Facebook/Twitter marketing campaign, so keep checking their website for more information if you can’t wait until the book is released in September.