In the Game of Emmys, You Win or You Just Slap Joffrey Again


?The Emmy nominating committee manages to get only one or two things right per year, but happily, this year, one of those things was nominating Peter Dinklage for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Tyrion Lannister on Game of Thrones. It’s a great character and a great performance, but I imagine it’s going to come down to whatever channel buys the most votes ads; the good news in bad news is that Dinklage’s Best Supporting Actor nod was pretty much GoT‘s only visibly major actor nomination, so HBO should be able to focus their PR budget on him.

Game of Thrones did get nominated for Best Drama, and then a bunch of other junk that most Emmy watchers don’t care about, including casting, title design, costumes, hairstyling, etc (the rest are here). They also got nominated for a Best Writing and Best Directing award, which isn’t as big a deal at the Emmys because they’re only for one episode, not the overall series. One thing is worth noting, though — the Best Directing nomination was for the pilot, “Winter Is Coming,” directed by one Timothy Van Patten.


Master. Fucking. Ninja.

I know I’ve freaked out about Van Patten’s directing career before — his rather impressive dircting career, I might add — but now that he’s been nominated for an Emmy, I feel I’m justified in freaking out all over again. The man was in a show where he drove around in a van with a pot-bellied, ninja costume-wearing Lee Van Cleef and a hamster and mumbled all his lines. Now he could very well win an Emmy… and I think he deserves it, too. Madness, my friends. Madness, plain and simple. Thanks to Mike and Melissa for the tip.