SDCC: Avengers Outfits Assembled

avengers costumes assembled.jpg

?About the only Avengers promos going at SDCC are four character posters being given away by Marvel at their booth and Captain America’s new Avengers uniform in a glass case. These are cool, of course, but it’s oddly low-key for what is one of the two biggest upcoming nerd movies. Anyways, you can see the Cap’s uniform on the left (thanks to Curtis S. for the tip and pic) and the posters for Hawkeye and Black Widow center and right (if you want to see the Cap and Iron Man posters, go here, but Cap is just wearing what’s in the case and Iron Man just looks like Iron Man, but with a circular chest light again). My thoughts:

? I really like Cap’s more classic, simpler uniform. I’m not a big fan of the wings painted on the side of his helmet — I think it would be better to have physically sculpted wings or no wings at all — but I see why they did it.
? Looks like they just put Hawkeye in his Ultimates outfit, huh? Well, that’s fine, but I do wish he had a mask or even just his Ultimates sunglasses. Of course, this one promo poster doesn’t mean he won’t have some kind of headwear on at some point in the movie, so I refuse to lose sleep over it.
? I really like Black Widow’s shorter hair. I feel like her outfit is different than the one she wore in Iron Man 2, although I’m not sure how, but at any rate I like it better.

But all those are little things, none of which will prevent me from blowing my load when I see the movie. The one thing that does concern me is how bright and comic book-y Cap looks compared to the very somber and muted Hawkeye and Black Widow. While Thor and Iron Man have comic book-y outfits, in color scheme they tend more to the muted as well, so I’m kind of worried Cap will stand out in a design sense. But maybe it’s just the posters. Honestly, at this point, I am actually too blinded by nerd-lust for this movie to be cynical about it, believe it or not.