SDCC: The Amazing Spider-Man Just Got Significantly More Amazing

All right. I’ve given the new Amazing Spider-Man suit shit for looking like it was made of basketballs, and I’ve knocked the new trailer for looking both humorless and repetitive. But I will no longer mock anything about  Andrew Garfield, who crashed his own Amazing Spider-Man panel in a delightfully terrible Spidey costume, and had what has to be the nerdiest celebrity act of nerdery I’ve ever seen. Basically, he just breaks down into a rambling, heartfelt nerd polemic about how awesome Spider-Man is and how much the character has meant to him growing up, and it’s actually heartbreakingly wonderful and awkward and nerdy and amazing. So, whatever else I’ll criticize The Amazing Spider-Man for, it won’t be Garfield. Because either he’s about the nerdiest motherfucker who could have been hired to put on the suit, or he’s a damned fine actor. Either way, I’m nothing but impressed. (Via First Showing)