SDCC: The Lizard’s Drunken Comic-Con Rampage


?So. While Andrew Garfield was spilling his guts about how awesome Spider-Man was at the Amazing Spider-Man panel, co-star Rhys Ifans — who played the Lizard — was drunk, shoving a security guard, and getting arrested. The juxtaposition would have been an awesome publicity stunt for the Spidey movie, if, you know, Sony had approved Ifans being a drunken asshole and getting in a physical altercation. Apparently, the guard wouldn’t let a member of Ifans entourage into the panel (also: Rhys Ifans has an entourage? Really?), Ifans shoved her, they let him go to the panel to slurringly half-answer some questions, and when he left the guard made a citizen’s arrest. Ifans was cited and released, and then apparently told everyone the U.S. sucks. Damn you, Lizard! Where’s a sticky, bug-themed teenaged boy to save the day when you need one? (Via FilmDrunk)