The Perfect Getaway for Drunks/Voiceover Talent Afficionados



If the Venn diagram of your life has overlap between a love of getting shitfaced and an obsession with obscure voiceover artists, Topless Robot has the ultimate vacation destination for you. Kotaku has the details of a new hotspot in Japan (seen above) operated by Shenmue‘s Ryo Hazuki himself, Masaya Matsukaze:

This month, Matsukaze opened a cafe in Akihabara. It’s not your typical cafe–it’s the first of its kind. Dubbed “Seiyu Caf?“, the bistro is staffed by professional voice actors.

The cafe’s interior is apparently modeled after a voice recording
studio and serves drinks like fruit juice and herb tea that are good for
your throat as well as sweets and alcohol.

Voice actors are popular in Japan. It is a niche market, and not
mainstream celebrity in any way. There are, however, voice actor
magazines and websites covering the industry. Some voice actors release
music CDs, while some even have their own trading cards and fan service goods, like hug pillows.

A unique lounge where you can hang with Japanese voice actors in probably the most niche nerd getaway that I have ever heard of — and this is coming from someone who still obsesses over Archie Comics’ 1970s restaurant chain. I kind of wish I gave more of a shit about voice talent, because this place seems incredibly welcoming. So much so that I feel terrible for Matsukaze. You just know that 90% of his clientele is just going to endlessly badger him about if and when Shenmue III is coming out. (With the remaining 10% looking for leads on where they can find some hot body pillow action).