Unnecessary Movie Trifecta: The Thing, The Howling, Total Recall

? Here’s the trailer for The Thing prequel, starring Ramona Flowers. It looks just like The Thing, but without John Carpenter’s signature ’80s artistry and style. It made me want to watch his Thing movie again, but not this one. Although I may watch Scott Pilgrim again, too. (Via First Showing)

? I defy you to watch this The Howling: Reborn trailer and not be filled with rage. We joke a lot about things being Twilight-ified, but this — this is just fucking Twilight, minus even the negligible charisma of Kristen Stewart. This trailer didn’t make me want to watch the original Howling again, it made me want to set the Howling: Reborn‘s cast and crew on fire. (Via Twitch)


?? This is supposedly the first picture of Colin Farrell from the Total Recall remake. Or maybe he was caught smuggling drugs into Norway. One of the two. (Via FilmDrunk)