5 Minutes of New Diablo 3 Something-or-Other

I shan’t embarrass myself from trying to figure out what’s actually new and what’s significant in this new Diablo 3 interview/preview, but seeing as there’s a lot of gameplay footage and the dude being interviewed talks about a lot of new features, I’ll assume this is relevant to the interests of the zillions of you that are looking forward to playing Diablo 3. Enjoy.

Meanwhile, I’ll be here, freaking out that Diablo 3 will have a legal system for selling game goods to each other for real cash. The guy is right, this happens in the real world, and there’s no checks or security… but I was under the impression that selling in-game merchandise for cash was a bad thing. It throws the game out of wack, rewards players with money (or who are stupid enough to spend it), punishes those who don’t (or aren’t), and is just a horrible way for anyone to spend actual, real money (note: I understand buying toys and shit isn’t the greatest way to spend money, but when I buy a toy, I own it. Not a fictional character who lives in my computer). Plus, what if someone hacks the system? You can’t tell me that this auction system isn’t ripe for someone to steal info, accounts, money, whatever. And hey, just because people do it in real life doesn’t mean it should be allowed. I mean, people murder people all the time, but we haven’t made that legal.

I’m sounding like a weird old nerd fuddy-duddy even to myself at this point, but I’m still skeeved out by this. I’d be interested to know what you young’uns — and you Diablo players — think about all this.