Anime Trifecta: Live-Action Noir, Live-Action Evangelion Movie, Sailor Moon

? Remember that live-action Noir TV series Sam Raimi is producing for Starz? Well, a casting call came out for it recently, and honestly, they changed a lot less from the anime than I thought they would. Oh, sure, they added a CIA agent, a fianc?, a drug addict model, aged everyone up and then set it in 1960s Paris for some reason, but they kept Mirelle and Kirika’s names and nationalities. Honestly, that’s still a lot more than I expected them to keep. (Via ANN)

? ADV is suing Gainax “over the live-action option to Gainax’s Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise” according to ANN. Basically, ADV is complaining that Gainax isn’t fulfilling its part of their licensing agreement, specifically:

To secure ownership of the motion picture rights, ADV
asserted that it made an additional payment of US$100,000 on February
17, 2010, before the expiration of the option term on February 28, 2010.
However, ADV asserted that it requested materials from Gainax to confirm its option agreement, and said that Gainax delayed those materials. As a result, ADV said that “lost a major studio opportunity for the Motion Picture Rights. ADV gave notice of that loss to Gainax.”

First of all, I’d love to know what “major studio opportunity” ADV suddenly “missed”; they’ve been shopping the live-action Eva movie for like seven years now, so I have the tiniest doubt that they suddenly had someone interested in making their ridiculous movie in 2011. Second of all, huh? Gainax isn’t interested in supporting ADV, the company that has systematically failed to get a live-action Eva movie deal done for seven years, and also went completely bankrupt in the meantime? Someone get me a stack of monocles, so I can have them pop off for the next few hours!

? Hot Topic is releasing official Sailor Moon Halloween costumes. While I think it’s vaguely interesting that Hot Topic is directly working with Japan to produce these things — a sign of anime’s popularity, Sailor Moon‘s popularity, or whatever — I’m mainly interested in forcing you to watch this video of a Hot Topic Halloween party (the Sailor Moon costume pops up at 1:57) which I’m pretty sure classifies as a hate crime. (Via ANN)