So I was in a bit of a snit yesterday. The combination of what by all indications will be another needlessly mopey Superman film and a preposterously unnecessary prequel/sequel to Blade Runner, a sci-fi masterpiece that still holds up in every way 30 years later, left me… grumpy. So I’m going to try and be positive this morning, and only talk about things that make me happy.

So! Things that make me happy: The title of the first new episode of Doctor Who season 6 part 2, “Let’s Kill Hitler.” Frankly, I would watch any TV show if it had “Let’s Kill Hitler” as an episode title, and that includes Keeping Up with the Kardashians. The fact that Doctor Who is pretty much the only show on TV where the necessity of not killing Hitler is an established tenet is just beyond awesome. There’s another fun preview clip at Blastr, but it was less Hitler-y than this one, so I left it there.