Batman’s All Dolled Up for a Night in Arkham City


?You are looking at some of the outfits Batman could be wearing in Arkham City… in England. Yes, all these are almost all exclusive to various U.K. stores at the moment (full list of which skin come where here) — although in America you can get the ’70s-style blue-and-gray Batman by pre-ordered from Toys R Us and get the Dark Knight Returns skin in the Arkham City collector’s edition, and I’m sure the others will get assigned shortly (and don’t forget you can get Robin’s Red Robin outfit by pre-ordering at Best Buy). FYI, the third Bat from the left is apparently Earth-One Batman.

While I appreciate the variety here, I can’t help but be totally freaked out by Animated Batman. He… he doesn’t look right. And I don’t mean he looks inaccurate, I mean there’s something about rendering his simple, animated design with Arkham City‘s realistic graphics engine that scares the bejeezus out of me. If I was in Gotham City and Batman looked like that, I would not turn to a life of crime, I tell you that.

Question: Would anyone else trade all these in for Adam West Batman, or is it just me? Thanks to Dr. Smashy and everyone else who sent in the tip.