BREAKING: Arkham City Still Looks Slightly Better Than Okay

Batman: Arkham Asylum was one of the few I games I replayed for reasons other than my obsessive-compulsive order regarding Xbox 360 achievements (which is to say, I played it a few times to get the achievements, and then I later replayed it just for fun). So it’s nice to see that Rocksteady has a New Game+ planned for Arkham City, even if it just sounds like the Hard mode from the original Arkham Asylum (which, incidentally, was genuinely more fun than the normal mode, and not particularly hard). But what’s really nice is this bit new game footage of Batman and many, many Bat-villains palling around and trying to kill each other. I wonder how DC feels that more people are probably looking forward to a videogame starring one of their characters than the entire comic universe rebootening. Huh.