Gollum, Wedding Crasher


Okay. Let’s break this down. By the shot of what appears to be genuine laughter on the bride’s face at the end of the video, I’m going to assume she was cool with having a naked dude crashing her wedding and freaking the fuck out of all her friends and family, and if that’s true, fuck everybody else. It’s the bride and groom’s event, so they get to do whatever they want… although I’m of the opinion that if you ask friends and family to rent tuxedos, buy dresses, travel great distances and sit in the sun for several hours, the least you could do is provide them with a Gollum-free experience. Still, if they had their heart set on Gollum being the ringbearer, more power to them. It’s their day.

But if the bride didn’t know this little “surprise” was coming, and she was laughing in order to not start weeping, because the most important event of her life had been irrevocably marred and herself utterly embarrassed in front of all her loved ones… then the dude is a total jackass and deserves to be shot. Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t let your nerd flag fly a little at your wedding, even if your significant other isn’t. But it’s one thing to slip a Star Wars quote into your marriage vow or stick a G.I. Joe figure on top of your wedding cake, and another thing entirely to have your buddy crawl naked into your wedding, scream loudly for several minutes, and then throw shit at the bride’s friends.

I will say this, though — at least the guy hired someone with ring-bearing experience, I guess.