Insert Perry Off-White Joke Here

great morpheus' ghost.jpg

?The role of Daily Planet Editor-in-Chief Perry White in Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel movie has been cast, and it’s Laurence Fishburne. A guy who is not white. I’m not reporting this because I think it’s some kind of shocking news; in fact, I’m totally okay with it. Rather, I’d like this post to be a PSA, or sorts, and would like to quote my good friend Justin Aclin regarding the matter: “How can you get upset about casting ANYONE as Perry White? You could cast Margaret Cho as long as she says ‘Great Caesar’s Ghost.'”

Exactly. Perry White is a minor supporting character in Superman. Who cares who plays him? You know what his defining characteristic is? It’s not that he’s white — it’s that he runs a newspaper and says “Great Caesar’s Ghost!” That’s it. Everything else doesn’t matter in the tiniest degree.