Magneto, Master of Magnetransvesticism

Remember the hilariously homoerotic scene in X-Men: First Class — don’t worry, I’m going to narrow it down — when Professor X and Magneto go to the strip club to recruit Angel in the sleaziest way possible? Well, it was actually sleazier than we knew — EW has a video of the scene where Charles uses his mnetal powers to make it appear as if Erik is wearing a wig, dress and heels. Of course, EW isn’t sharing the video, so I had to make do with a brief, fuzzy version of the clip from some kind of Japanese promo someone kindly uploaded to YouTube. If you want to see the real scene head here, and please tell EW they’re assholes.

While I’m sure there’s a certain number of ladies and gay men excited to see Michael Fassbender in drag, I’m much more impressed with Professor X. Every time I think he can’t possibly be a bigger dick, he pops an Extenze and grows another inch.