Mass Effect 3 Has Three Times the Mass, Three Times the Effect

Actually, fuck if I know how much better ME3 compared to its earlier incarnations; I’m stuck somewhere in the first third of Mass Effect 1, and quit to play Dragon Age Origins. And now that I beat DA, I’m replaying it instead of getting back to ME. Now, before you say this is because I suck at Mass Effect, let me say yes, I totally suck at Mass Effect. Whatever braincells are needed to have a basic comprehension of the combat gameplay, I killed them long ago with booze. However, that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be showing you this new ME3 preview, which I will fully admit looks very nice and more playable (the combat chatter is very cool, too). Maybe I should just hire one of you guys to come over and play ME1 for me, and then I can start over with ME2