Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Air-Conditioned Shoes


From Japan Trends:

Air conditioned shoes are the latest offering that any self
respecting Japanese salaryman will want in his Super Cool Biz wardrobe.

We came across the Hydro-Tech
men’s shoes in the “best seller” section of a prominent Tokyo shoe shop
advertised with the slogan, “My energy saving starts from my feet”! The
Cool Breeze shoes will apparently keep your feet dry and aired in the
120% humidity that are the Tokyo summers. The shoes work through their
new filter technology that releases the heat and humidity and allows air
to flow in keeping feet “refreshed and clean”

“Super Cool Biz” campaign that was launched by the Ministry of
Environment at the beginning of June and turned out as a big marketing
opportunity for many existing and new products, trying to find any way
possible to reduce power consumption in a natural way.

As I’m currently suffering through my second DC summer, I can honestly say I think these things are brilliant. Please don’t stop there, Japan — I’d also like air-conditioned hats and boxer shorts. Then maybe I wouldn’t spend my days sweatily contemplating suicide.