The Monster Squad Goes to Japan

Okay, I might have misspoke. This isn’t the Monster Squad, actually. It’s Kaibutsu-kun, a story about a shape-shifting kid with big ears, Dracula, a Wolfman and a stitched together dude named Franken, who pal around together and are from Japan. Which means they’re not really going to Japan either, but are traveling to some Southeast Asian country. Still, this movie —   which is based on a very popular ’60s manga (by the person who created Doraemon, if that means anything to you) — is about Dracula, a werewolf and a Frankenstein’s monster hanging out, so I figured it was worth noting. If it turns out the Wolfman’s got nards, I’ll be sure to let you folks know. (Via Twitch)

FYI, the DVD releases this week are kind of a bust, other than The Troll Hunter and a couple of Roger Corman ’80s swords-and-sorcery flicks and women-in-cages sets, so I’m skipping it. Sorry for any inconvenience.