This Was a Triumph (In More Ways Than One)

I really, really don’t want to spoil the majesty of this video, so please — even though it’s nearly nine minutes long, just watch it, all the way to the end, before reading any more about it. I would be shocked if you’re disappointed, or not massively impressed.

…ready? You watched it?

Okay, good. Gary Hudston hired three professional level designers and the actual voice of GLaDOS, Ellen McClain, to make what is now the nerdy marriage proposal to beat. For the record, the player/potential bride did say yes, but whether it was because she was completely won over by Gary’s amazing, extravagant act of nerdery or out of fear of reprisal from GLaDOS, I’m not sure. Either way, my utmost congratulations to the couple. Thanks to VexedbyRaptors for the tip!