TR Contest: Best/Worst Moments of Parental Nerdery


?It’s been another long week, so forgive me if I make this short (you know, they’re almost always long weeks. I should stop saying this, and just make my contest posts shorter overall. My apologies). This week’s contest: The best and worst tales of nerdery as regarding your parents, guardians or your actual children, gratefully suggested by Topless Roboteer Jonah B. It can be you doing something awesomely or embarrassingly nerdy to your progeny, or something awesome or embarrassing your parents did to you, either one.

I admit this contest has a smaller scope than most TR contests — not all of you have nerdy parents or children. Unfortunately, I’ve got a bit of outside work I need to take care of this weekend and early next week (nothing interesting) so it behooves me to keep the contest a manageable size anyways. Besides, Hurricane Irene is hitting tomorrow night, so I’m sure everyone on the east coast will be dead come Sunday morning anyways.

So that’s it. Everyone gets two stories — you can one for best and one for worst, or one for their parents and one for their children, or two of whatever you want. Whatever. Will I accept pictures of babies placed in adorable/embarrssing nerd costumes? Yes. Yes I will. The contest ends at 12:01 am EST on Monday, August 29th, assuming civilization still exists at that point. Have a good weekend.