Entertainment Weekly Manages to Make the Avengers Movie Seem Dull

You guys know how excited I am about the Avengers movie, right? So when I heard that today’s issue of Entertainment Weekly was going to have an Avengers cover and some exclusive pics, I was even more excited. That is, until I saw them, and… just kind of lost interest. I mean, I’m still excited to see the movie, and everything but the only reason I’m posting the images is because they’re the first official Avengers pics and I feel like I should… but even then I can’t be bothered to post all of them. I’ll give you the links, though.


?? So above is Black Widow and Hawkeye shooting at something, which I had already assumed would happen at least once in the movie.
? Here’s a small pic of Nick Fury shooting at something. Again, not exactly a shocker.
? Here’s a pic of Black Widow standing in front of an explosion. Sigh.
? Here’s a pic of Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and Joss Whedon (and his increasingly weird-shaped head) sitting together behind-the-scenes.
? Here’s the horrible EW cover, where Mark Ruffalo seems to be doing his best “Zoolander” face.


?? And last but not least is this pic of Cap and Iron Man, just standing around. You know, I’m not gay or anything, but I’d pay good cash money to receive a simultaneous hug from them. Just sayin’. (Via Comics Alliance)