Geek Apparel of the Week: Saint’s Row the 3rd, Wampa Adidas, LMDR

? The Crooks & Castles fashion label is teaming up with THQ to make an official Saints Row: The Third streetwear line. You can watch the video above to learn the types of threads they’ve made, and then purchase them at Karmaloop. As a fat white nerd, I imagine it’s against the law for me to wear any of these, or if it isn’t, it certainly should be. (Via Kotaku)


?? About a million people have sent me Adidas’ official Star Wars Wampa shoes, which you can order here for $150. Frankly, I find them boring as hell, and would have no idea they were Star Wars-related if it didn’t plainly say “wampa” on the side. I much prefer the AT-AT shoes, which are only $100.


?? If these apparel selections are too rich for your blood (and wallet), the best and nerdiest t-shirt o’ the t-shirt-o’-the-day company is this TMNT-inspired one from Qwertee; it’s ?10 here.