Holy @#$%, Those Mortal Kombat Webisodes Worked


?Seriously. Based on the success of the 10-part web series directed by Kevin Tancharoen — which itself was based on the 10-minute short Rebirth, also directed by Tancharoen — New Line has greenlit a new Mortal Kombat movie… to be directed by Kevin Tancharoen. It’s due in 2013, and should be as “realistic” as the web series, meaning not at all realistic but at least graphically violent and bloody, which is usually better than realistic anyways. Hey, even if you’re not an MK fan, it’s cool to realize Tancharoen made the short purely out of nerd love for MK, and now it’s actually resulting in a new movie. This kind of shit rarely works, so it’s always nice when it miraculously does. (Via The AV Club)