Nerd Music Trifecta: Super Mario Medley, Pok?mon Metal, Blue Turtle Shell

? I don’t know if you have the time or inclination to listen to a 20-minute-long medley of the music from all the Mario games — and I don’t just mean Super Mario, I mean Mario Party and Mario Tennis and Donkey Kong and the Game Boy games and everything — but I did think you needed to know it exists. It’s here if and when you want to listen to it. Thanks to Matthew G. for the tip.

? This is a metal cover of “The Legend Comes to Life (Lugia’s Song)” from Pok?mon 2000: The Movie. As if the whole concept weren’t astoundingly nerdy enough — although it is amazingly well done — the video ends in pretty much the nerdiest way possible, other than maybe a football team bursting in the room and giving him a wedgie. Thanks to Orbsonb for the tip.

? This is a song by the nerd-band Blue Turtle Shell titled “My Not-So-Heterosexual Man-Crush on David Tennant.” Not only is it a clever song, and not only is it surprisingly good song, it has a kazoo solo. And, unlike other Blue Turtle Shells, the computer won’t fire it at you right before you cross the finish line, allowing almost everyone else to pass you and forcing you into 7th place. Just sayin’. Thanks to Doctragon for the tip!