Now Square Enix Is — Wait, What Are They Doing?!



FOR THE PS3. Also the PSVita, but also the PS3.

I have no idea how to feel about this. On one hand, FFX was the last FF game I really enjoyed (note: I played FFXII for 100 hours despite not liking it that much, because I am an insane, ridiculous Final Fan-boy). After the bullshit that was FFXIII and the upcoming onslaught of FFXIII-2 and possibly FFXIII-3, replaying a better-looking Final Fantasy X seems getting like a warm hug.

On the other hand, really? FFX? Not FFVII? Are you fucking kidding me? Why do you hate giving your fans what they want, Square Enix? Why do you want to take all their money but refuse so adamantly to sell them — not give them, sell them — the one fucking thing they want most of all? What in god’s name is wrong with you people? Christ, I need a drink. (Via Joystiq)