Reminder! One Piece: New World Premieres This Saturday


?Since One Piece is one of the greatest stories told in our lifetime, I feel compelled to remind you folks that One Piece: New World — essentially, the beginning of the second half of the 12-years-and-counting anime, set after an in-story, two-year time-skip — premieres this Saturday evening, on October 1st. Now, it’s not premiering on TV — well, okay, it is premiering on TV, but in Japan, and actually on October 2nd. But it’s being simulcast with subtitles on Funimation’s One Piece Official site at the same time, which thanks to time zones and all that shit, will be at 10pm. So, in summary, One Piece: New World will premiere here at 10pm EST on this Saturday night.

FYI, the two year time skip in the story was spent by all the main heroes training. This is noteworthy because in every other single anime, training takes up 75% of the damn series. Not One Piece. It all happens off-screen so the series can concentrates on good stories and awesome fights. In summary: One Piece rules.