Square Enix’s Evil Knows No Bounds


?From Joystiq:

This is it — the moment Final Fantasy XIII fans have been waiting for. The announcement of a potential announcement for the third series installment, Final Fantasy XIII-3, in the form of a domain-name registration months before XIII-2 is even released. Please, contain your excitement. Corporation Service Company registered on September 7; Square Enix has previously used CSC to register its domains and this fits Square’s modus operandi.

Things Square Enix should be doing instead of making another Final Fantasy XIII sequel:
? Working on Final Fantasy Versus XIII, the FF13 game people actually want
? Working on Kingdom Hearts 3, another game people actually want
? Making a Dragon Quest game that doesn’t require a subscription fee
? Remaking Final Fantasy VII, yet another game people actually want
? Nothing
? Sticking their thumbs up their asses
? Kicking puppies
? Setting fire to orphans
? Pretty much anything
Thanks to Johnnyd1988 for the incredibly depressing tip.