Street Fighter X Tekken Finally Justifies Its Existence

YOU CAN HAVE ZANGIEF FIGHT A BEAR. Yes, the characters confirmed/revealed for SFxT at the ongoing Tokyo Game Show include Zangief, Rolento, Ibuki, Heihachi, someone called Lili, and Kuma. So yes, you can play Zangief against a bear. This game means something now.

And, if you’re actually excited about the game beyond the Zangief-bear match-ups, this video also has some new gameplay footage and gameplay mode reveals. I find the “Pandora” move, where you basically kill your tag-team partner for a power-up, to be kind of interesting and potentially hilarious. Although I will say that naming a magic box which fell to earth from outer space “Pandora” and not, say, “Pandora’s Box,” is the most Japanese thing I’ve ever heard of.