Super Terrific Japanese thing: Eco-Otome Toilet Sound Blocker

From Japan Trend Shop:

We all know what’s it like. You are sitting on the toilet and you
know the people right outside can hear your every noise. Well, now we
have the perfect product to help you in this embarrassing situation.
Small and clipping easily to your mobile phone, the Eco-Otome Toilet Sound Blocker makes the noise of a toilet flushing to hide the other noises you might be making.

Eco-Otome Toilet Sound Blocker

Press the button twice and the sound of flushing lasts for 25
seconds. Press it again twice to stop the noise. It comes in three
different designs: pink has a cute ‘love’ mark; blue is decorated with a
ribbon motif; white has a green slogan – after all, this little device
means you won’t have to flush for real and thus saves water.

I’m actually mildly irritated that these appear to be designed solely for women, what with their cute hearts and ribbon designs. I mean, just because I’m a guy doesn’t mean I want to go over to somebody’s dinner party and have everyone hear the sounds of my explosive diarrhea from the bathroom (…for example). Although now that I think about it, if I’m asking for changes to these things, I’d ask for a different sound, too — a generic fan noise, like some bathrooms actually provide — would be far better. I mean, yes, hearing a toilet flush is better than her a massive grunt, fart and sploosh sound, but if said guests hear the toilet flush six times in rapid succession they know something horrible is going down in the bathroom anyways. Just a thought. Anyways, you can order it here for $31.