That Ghibli Game Is Somehow Coming to America

Holy smokes. Ni No Kuni, the RPG made by Level 5 and Studio Ghibli — you know, the one that looks like a Hayao Miyazaki movie, except you can play it — is actually coming to America according to Gamespot. Next year. I don’t know how or why, other than this is one of the few times an incredibly Japanese game is so utterly gorgeous someone decided to take a chance and try to sell it in America anyways, but I’m incredibly grateful, and if you watch the above game trailer, you may be too. You know, now that Square Enix has fucked up both Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, and since Level 5 made the awesome and crazy fun Dragon Quest VIII, I think I’m going to put all of my JRPG eggs in the Ni No Kuni basket, and see if it fulfills me like FFXIII didn’t. I mean, as long as there’s a single NPC in the entire world to talk to in Ni No Kuni, it’ll be better than FFXIII, so it’s not exactly a difficult hurdle to clear. Thanks to Justin R. for the tip.