When They Said “More Than Meets the Eye,” I Didn’t Realize They Meant Cream Filling


?Hostess Cupcakes, presumably unable to afford a marketing tie-in with Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon while it was in theaters, has now slowly, awkwardly climbed onto the bandwagon for the movie’s upcoming DVD releases. Apparently “Chocwave” cupcakes, made by the evil Decepticon Shockwave himself, should be available in grocery stores any time now. Although I find this pretty hilarious, I will say bully to Hostess for not using any radioactive colors, and besides, a cream-filled chocolate cupcake with red frosting sounds reasonably tasty. Hey, I wonder if they’re doing an Autobot version; I mean, you’d thi–


?WOW. That sound you heard was TR‘s resident erotic fan fic writer and erotic Transformers fan fic specialist Dr. Abraxas’ head exploding with story ideas. Snowballimus? Really? That’s such a terrible name it took me five minutes before I even noticed the snackcakes themselves appear to be filled with maroon Play-doh. Thanks to Sean McD. for the tip. (Via Tekyu)