Yep, That’s David Hasselhoff in a Chicken Suit Playing Xbox Kinect

Criterion, makers of the fun Burnout series, has decided to promote their Kinect-based Burnout Crash game by putting a pitiful celebrity in a funny outfit — in this case, David Hasselhoff in a chicken suit. That’s fine. This sort of thing happens all the time. Next year some game commercial will star Charlie Sheen in an ape suit. I’m not worried or impressed or upset or anything. And Burnout Crash looks reasonably fun if you want to deal with a Kinect, which I don’t.

I’m mainly posting this because I want to know when David Hasselhoff became the most terrifying man alive. Seriously, those close-up? I was genuinely scared, and he was just an image on my computer screen. If I ever saw Hasselhoff in a dark alley, chicken suit or no, I don’t know whether I would shit my pants in terror or faint in fear first, but I’d definitely do both. Jesus. Someone call Stephen King and the Howling people. the new true face of terror has been found.