Yet Another Incredibly Unsurprising Dark Knight Rises Spoiler


?Seriously. It shouldn’t be a surprise to you at all. Or if it is, it still shouldn’t come close to “spoiling” anything about the movie for you. It’s just… additional knowledge, let’s say. Anyways, it’s after the jump, just in case.


?The Scarecrow is back. Yes, again. Well, maybe. The rumor comes from “witnesses” from, which cannot be trusted in any capacity, but again, this is such an obvious development I’m going to go ahead and give it the benefit of the doubt. First of all, Dark Knight Rises is already piling on the connections to Batman Begins, second the cast is totally jam-packed and one more can’t possibly matter, and third, Nolan stuff Scarecrow in The Dark Knight for no real reason, so I have little doubt he wouldn’t be thrilled to do it again.

So let’s see… that’s Catwoman, Bane, Talia al Ghul, perhaps two Ra’s al Ghuls (a Liam Neeson cameo and a younger Lazarus Pit-ted one), whoever the hell Joseph Gordon-Levitt is playing, whoever the hell Juno Temple is playing, Alfred, Commissioner Gordon, Lucius Fox, Matthew Modine for some reason, and now… Scarecrow. Well, at least this means my hopes of getting King Tut in this flick are still alive.