Animated Catwoman Featurette, You Aren’t Helping

It’s been an odd time for DC. While their New 52 experiment has gotten them a lot of non-nerd attention and sales, in the nerd world, the controversies about their females characters (Catwoman rapes Batman! Beloved Teen Titans character Starfire is now an emotionless fuck doll! Voodoo is a stright-up comic interpretation of what it’s like to go to a strip club and get a lap dance!) have threatened to overshadow the rest of it. So I find it kind of an odd decision that in the animated Catwoman short, included on the animated Batman: Year One movie DVD (out next week), they would choose to spend part of its short running time making sure Catwoman was 1) in a strip club, 2) on the stripper stage, and 3) with her leather body suit unzipped down to her public mound and her tits hanging out. Look, I love breasts as much as the next guy, and I recognize that Catwoman is beating up gangsters here, but it still seems more than the tiniest bit gratuitous, especially coming off the DCnU issues. I’m genuinely wondering if there’s a dictionary somewhere in the DC offices where there’s a typo in the definition of the word “empowered” that simply reads “slutty.” Because I think DC is seriously confusing the two words.