Awesome Videogame Video Trifecta: Uncharted 3, Saints Row the Third, Batman: Arkham City

I was afraid I’ve been overloading you with Uncharted 3, Saints Row 3 and Arkham City news and videos, so I figured I’d stick them all in one post.

? First up: A new preview for Uncharted 3, which looks just like an action movie. An awesome action movie. An awesome action movie I want to see. When asked for a quote, Harrison Ford called it “Exciting.” The other two vids are after the jump.

? I’m not much of a fan of running GameTrailers’ previews of games, but I will make an exception for Saints Row the Third. Giant Johnny Gat masks? Slam dunks? Rickshaw duels? Punching bums in the dick? Going undercover as a sex slave? Driving with a live tiger in your car? I love every single thing about this game. If anyone wants to buy one of my kidney’s for $60, email me.

? This video is a little spoiler-y, so be warned. Now, I know Arkham City already came out, but I thought I’d give you a quick update: The game is outrageously enormous. I’ve played 10 hours, and I’m only 18% through. More interestingly, Arkham City’s Batman is kind of… angry. I mean, moreso than usual.  He’s actually a bit surly. Almost… a Goddamn Batman, if you will,  and here’s a video of Batman’s most assholish moments from the game to prove it. Batman may not cackle in the game, but I sure have been playing him. (Via Comics Alliance)