Batman Shows Mrs. Gordon the Ol’ Bat-Pole

This is a new clip from DC animated Batman: Year One direct-to-DVD movie, where Commissioner Gordon and wife Barbara (that always freaked me out) stop by Stately Wayne Manor to ask Bruce Wayne if he’s Batman, and Batman puts on the sleazy billionaire playboy show for them. It’s not the most action-packed of scenes, but I thought it was worth posting for two reasons: 1) Ben McKenzie sounds completely different as Bruce Wayne that he does as Batman. I may not like his Batman voice, but I totally respect the dude for performing the roles so distinctly. 2) Bruce Wayne pulls a Sharon Stone in his bathrobe in front of Mrs. Gordon in this clip, and it’s cracking me the fuck up. That wasn’t in the original comic, was it? My copy’s packed away and I can’t check. See, Kevin Smith? There’s a way to inject puerile humor into Batman comics that isn’t a total atrocity! Just give it to Bruce Wayne, not Batman. It’s simplicity itself. (Via ToyNewsI)