Crisis on Crisis on Infinite Reboots: The Crisis-ening

Uh… looks like DC Senior VP/Executive Editor and Co-Publisher Dan DiDio did a bit of housecleaning this weekend:


?Wow. So… that’s that, huh? Wiping out three of the most popular (or at least best-selling) mega-events on DC’s (very) recent history, but also Crisis on Infinite Earths, arguably one of the best-known and loved comics ever? Over the weekend? With no further explanation or discussion? Awesome. Man, if I were any kind of DC fan, I would be livid over this. At this point, they’ve not only changed more than half the shit about the DC universe, but now they’re actively destroying the old one. Jesus.

DiDio did actually go back on Facebook to say that with the DCnU’s new “only existed for five years” span, that the Crises just couldn’t work as is. Which is absolutely true, but actually more a problem with the rebootening than the Crises. Maybe this is something they should have thought of before their arbitrarily reset their whole goddamn fictional universe and randomly decided whose past counts and whose doesn’t. And hey, you know what also doesn’t work “as is”? How Batman had Dick, Jason, Tim and fathered Damian in those five years, but I don’t see them going anywhere.

The fact of the matter is that almost nothing in DC makes sense anymore, because this whole idea was so incredibly poorly thought-through. But while DC sticks its fingers in its ears and starts singing the ’60s Batman theme whenever someone starts asking about Batman and Green Lantern, they could have easily done the same for Crisis on Infinite Earths, Identity Crisis, Infinite Crisis and Final Crisis. Everyone would have been fine with that, or at least as fine as with everything else that’s happened. So I boggled DC actually went out of its way to kick these beloved stories out, and alienate their loyal audience — when, I remind you, they didn’t make that much of an effort to gain new readers other than slapping “#1” on all the covers. Madness, man. Madness. (Via Nerd Bastards)