Digger, Dug


?Anyone who was reading ToyFare circa 2001 knows Digger — creator of Art Asylum, Mini-Mates, and a lot of fine action figures. I happened upon an interview with him, since he’s back and plans on directing a few projects with Kevin Eastman. What does those projects entail? I’m glad you asked. First is The Other Dead:

It’s about a ten year-old
boy with cancer, who has to team up with a redneck duck-hunter, a Latin
stripper and the president of the United States to save the world.

That’s not the weird one, though.

[There’s also] Agent 88. It’s a property about the world’s most
deadly assassin, who just happens to be an 88 year-old woman with
Alzheimer’s. I guess the best way to describe that is Mary Poppins meets Kill Bill.

Digger is signing at this week’s Long Beach Comic Con, so if you’re in the area, I sincerely invite you to stop by and ask him “What the fuck?” (Via Geek Chic Daily)