Geek Apparel of the Week: Big Daddies and Little Sisters, Jayne Hat and Pinball Wizard


?? While I love the idea of turning the Big Daddies + Little Sisters relationship into a Big Brother-type organization in Bioshock, I really love the logo with the outstretched Big Daddy and Little Sister forming a heart. It’s $12 at Nowhere Bad for the next day and a quarter.


?? Jayne Hat. I believe this shirt is self-explanatory. It’s $13 at Other Tees for the next three days.

pinball wizard-2392544-9126-Tumblr.jpg

?? And last but certainly not least is “Pinball Wizard.” I love how subtle it is, and I think it’s an incredibly stylish design, too. The only way it could be any better is if you could light up seven deathly hallows somewhere. It’s $10 at The Yetee today only, so if you want it get it now.