Grand Theft Auto V Is Announced, and Already Hilariously Mean-Spirited


?Rockstar announced that they’re making Grand Theft Auto V, which is not the world’s most surprising news. Normally I don’t like to do news articles on “Company makes sequel to successful product” when that’s all the info there is, especially when Rockstar has said they’ll be releasing the first trailer next week. So why didn’t I wait for the video? Because Rockstar announced the existence of Grand Theft Auto V today, October 25th, 2011, three years to the day after former lawyer (and crusader against videogames in general and GTA in particular) Jack Thompson was disbarred for “inappropriate conduct, including making false statements to tribunals and disparaging and humiliating litigants.” Basically, Rockstar announced the game a week earlier than they needed to just to fuck with Jack Thompson’s shit. And that, my friends, is news. Fuck that guy. (Via Kotaku)