Other Half of the Battle Sold Separately


?The G.I. Joe Collector’s Club — you know, the subscription figure service like Mattel’s various Classics lines — has been steadily revealing what figures the subscription will include before even offering the sub for sale (which, for the record, is totally unlike Mattel, but would be most welcome). The first five figures are above. Now, as occasional TR contributor Adam Pawlus points out at his site, this means 5-for-5 characters correspond to this list of rumored figs from this past August, which means if it keeps up the sub will include 30th anniversary-style figures of Jinx, Cover Girl and Big Boa. I care not a whit for G.I. Joe figures, but even I’m tempted to purchase a sub to get Big fucking Boa. Whenever the Collector’s Club details are revealed, I’ll be sure to post them here.