Phoenix Wright Is the Greatest Fighting Game Character Ever

Capcom revealed the first gameplay video of Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 playable character Phoenix Wright, and I can say without fear of hyperbole he should be in every fighting game ever. Forget the awesomeness of the comparatively tiny lawyer beating up the foes like the Hulk, the guy throws the book at his opponents — as a move. He literally throws “the book” at them. He also throws damaging evidence, attacks by walking forward while writing notes, and, of course, says “OBJECTION!” so powerfully the word balloon brings his foes to their knees. And that’s just his regular special movies; the hyper combos include a judge bringing a very large hammer of justice down, and then Wright proving his opponent guilty (of what, I’m not sure) which is awesome and becomes infinitely more awesome when it’s used on characters like Doctor Doom. God help me, between Phoenix here and the still-in-all-likelihood-happening-but-as-yet-unseen Rocket Raccoon, I may have to pony up for this thing. I don’t even need to play it. I just want to own it. (Via Kotaku)